Heavy Duty Debris Netting

Invest in our heavy duty debris netting for safety and protection


When working on a construction site, you’ll need to make sure people working inside as well as outside are safe and protected. One of the most cost-effective and effect ways to do so is by investing in our heavy duty debris netting.


Our netting comes with an orange border so you can easily lay it out and install with ease. We provide 100 cable ties per roll with each roll of netting covering an area of 100 square metre, and you can choose from a variety of units such as single unit, to packs of 10 and all the way up to packs of 80.


What makes us different?


At Qube UK we have more than 20 years experience working in the transport, defence and construction sector. With this experience, we saw a gap in the market and wanted to produce a tool that many people have previously overlooked.


Our netting is designed to make your working day a little easier, as well as giving you added protection and security. Whatever it is you need from us, we are always here and ready to help.


To speak to us about any questions, get in touch via our contact form today.

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